Friday, March 11, 2011

Two of my favorite photos

I took these photos of my husband and youngest daughter a few years ago.  As I looked through the lens of my camera I felt that I had captured something special.  I have paired them with some of my favorite verses.  

Since you are precious & honored in my sight, and because I love you, Isaiah 43

Over Labor Day weekend one year our family visited a water park in Virginia Beach.  Nadia did not yet know how to swim, but as she held on to Eric’s hand she confidently plowed through the water ready to take on any challenge.    Her confidence may have been boosted a bit too much & she selected a kid’s slide that was still a little big for her.  She came down quickly and didn’t have time to get her feet under her before she hit the water.  She plunged into the water and started to sink, but before she could take her first breath of water her papa reached into after her and lifted her into his arms.
  I love this photo.  I love how you can see the water droplets that are still falling off of Nadia’s face.  I also use it as a reminder of our Heavenly Father’s Love.  Understanding His love is something that I have struggled with the last several years.  I fail to understand the “whys” behind events and the reason why God chooses to intervene during some difficult events and why at times He chooses not to.  That is an answer that still evades me, but somehow, looking at this photo that displays a beautiful image of an imperfect father’s love helps me to trust a little more in a love that I still do not understand.

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