Friday, April 15, 2011

I love black and while photography, especially when it is of scenery and/or kids.  Viewing the image in black and white somehow makes time stand still and the vividness of the moment is caught at its fullest.  The moment has passed but the memory and the emotion remain.
One of my favorite tricks for creating black and white “memory moments” is to pair photos with quotes or verses.  I am by no means a digital expert but I like the way that my images turn out & here is how I do it:
1.       Using Microsoft Digital Image Starter (download it for free here: ) open the image. 
2.       Resave your image so that you preserve the original.
3.       On the left side of the screen under the “effects” menu you can select to change your photo to black and white.

4.       Crop your photo utilizing the “Crop canvas” tool in the “format” menu.
               5.    Finally, add a white edge by selecting the “soft” tool under the “edges” menu.
               6.    Under the “add something” menu you can choose to add text or even another photo to create a collage.  

Here are some fun examples for inspiration:

Both images were taken on a hike one fall afternoon.  All three of the girls piled into the tree and so I had to take a photo.  Later they were having so much fun walking like the "Wizard of Oz" and the "Monkey's" that they didn't notice that I took the photo.

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  1. I love your pictures and how well the quotes fit them! Great effects,too! You are very talented! Thanks for the link.